Thursday, July 18, 2019

Immigration ‘not aware of the Libya blast’


usually fed by the ministries of information and foreign affairs on any external matters. “We are not aware of the blast in Libya. I’m just hearing it from you now, and anything that has to do with something outside the country we are usually informed by the ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we are not yet informed about the issue,” said ASP Bah. On Tuesday 5 August Foroyaa reported that dozens of Gambians died in Libya as a result of a blast at a camp called Brusiling Abu Sallah. A Gambian resident in Libya told Foroyaa that out of the 44 people in that camp, 36 were killed by the blast on 3 August 2014. The caller urged the Gambian authorities to help facilitate their return home. The Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affair will be contacted on the issue and we will inform our readers accordingly.]]>

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