Saturday, February 22, 2020

Illegal Curfew In Kanilai


Foroyaa has checked whether any gazette has been published declaring a curfew in Kanilai. There was no such gazette up to the time of going to press. The authorities should bear in mind that anything declared or done without the authority of law is impunity.

It is therefore important for the authorities to adhere to the claims of the transition that the rule of law will not be violated by the state under all circumstances.

Foroyaa has gathered that very responsible citizens and political leaders have been moving from one authority to another to explain what should be done to manage the Kanilai crisis and prevent a recurrence without playing to the gallery. The duty of the state is to protect the Constitution and the rule of law, adhering to it even during trying times. Failure to adhere to the principle of good governance and respect for human rights and rule of law will undoubtedly give rise to exposure of wrong doing.

Such exposures must undermine the integrity of a government nationally and internationally. It is important for the authorities to do everything to reduce the tension and promote the situation of normalcy. It is not the desire of Gambians to live with each other under a climate of hate. Conflicts create hatred which undermines peace and good neighbourliness to strain every muscle to promote peace and good neighbourless is better than to waste one’s energy promoting hatred and discord. At these trying times the words and actions of all Gambians should be tempered with conciliation, peace and justice.


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