Saturday, August 24, 2019

ID Cards For All In How Many Years?


According to Immigration officials, 65,251 ID cards have been issued in eight months. Hence in a year one would expect one hundred thousand ID cards to be issued at this pace. If a million people are required to receive ID cards it will take a period of ten years. That would be ridiculous.

The Minister of the Interior has to consult the Independent Electoral Commission to find out when it is to conduct general registration and then determine whether the company issuing the ID cards is capable of satisfying the demand of those who are qualified to acquire voters’ cards. Some people were given the notion that voter’s card, driver’s licence and passport cannot be acquired in the future without an ID card.

This notion should never be entertained as long as the supply of ID cards cannot meet the demand.

Foroyaa will interview the immigration authorities to find out whether they have a demand driven programme to issue ID cards.

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