Saturday, October 19, 2019

‘I Will Beat You in Two Seconds,’ Senegal’s Baye Mandione Tells Gambia’s King of Arena


By Sulayman Bah

Baye Mandione has vowed to give Gambia’s Hoyantan a whacking to forget.

The two are pitted together by Senegalese promoter ‘Jamaican’ – a tie Hoyantan hopes to use as springboard to get noticed in the Senegalese game where the sport is a million dollar enterprise.

‘King of wrestling arena in the Gambia and the one in Senegal is different,’ Baye Mandione said in his opening remark amid a booing crowd.

‘I will beat you in two seconds. I am no stranger in the Gambia. I was here when I was lot younger at Gloucester Street,’ he said.

Baye Mandione has twelve victories, eleven defeats and one draw result compared to Hoyantan’s nine unbeaten area duels.

Pundits give Mandione favourite tagging in the lead up to the cracker being the more experienced.

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