Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Human Rights Defenders And The New Gambia


Where are the human rights defenders in the New Gambia? Many claimed that the impunity of the past was so oppressive that people had to flee or remain quiet for fear of victimization. What is amazing is that many cases are being reported by newspapers that a number of soldiers are being detained without trail but no human rights organisation appears to be concerned. A candidate has been rejected on the basis of how the Local Government Act is interpreted but the Bar Association, human rights defenders, election monitors and leading political commentators are yet to say a word on the issue.

This is not the new Gambia that Gambians have worked tirelessly to bring about. Citizens who become spectators rather than architects would never be able to build a nation founded on liberty and prosperity.

Foroyaa will try to interview human rights organisations and human rights defenders to gather their opinions on the issue on the current political dispensation.

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