Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How would the Ports Authority recover the money it is losing from the growing use of the Sene-Gambia Bridge?



First and foremost, the Government should have prepared the National Roads Authority to take charge of collection of the revenue to be derived from the tolls at the bridge

These funds should be deposited at the Central Bank in a road fund account that would never be utilised without the estimates of expenditure being approved by Cabinet and the National Assembly to carry out proper upkeep and maintenance of the bridge and the building and maintenance of roads connected to the bridge in particular and other roads in general as the revenue permits.

Secondly, the staff that used to manage and operate the ferry services could be seconded to the roads authority to manage the operation of the bridge pending a comprehensive review of all crossing points where ferry services are needed and deploy ferries based on short term priorities and longer term needs.

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