Wednesday, December 11, 2019



The Israeli Government was used to responding to rocket attacks by
bombing Gaza or invading the West Bank and blame HAMAS OR AL FATAH for
the destruction of life and property. Now it does not understand how
to handle knife brandishing youths who majestically march to their
death after killing or maiming their target.

What then is responsible for the current revolt? The answer is simple.

Social science teaches that a revolutionary situation develops in a
country when individuals make personal decisions to refuse to live in
the old way and become resolved that it is better to die than to live
in the old way.

When that happens, those who govern would find it impossible to govern
in the old way. Hence a battle continues until the old disintegrates
and dies and a new way arises and develops. This is what happened to

It is very clear that Benjamin Netanyahu will not be able to rule the
old way and ignore the right to self determination and Independence of
the Palestinians. Poorly armed individuals and small groups would
continue to confront armies with sophisticated weapons which could not
be used.
Hence at the end of the day, Israel would become a war zone where all
citizens would find it impossible to live normal lives. All will
become insecure captives.

Hence the solution is to create two states which would be committed to
Republican and Democratic values and which ensures the liberty,
dignity and prosperity of their peoples.

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