Friday, November 15, 2019

Has President Barow Been Misrepresented At Ngayen Sanjal?



The fact that the Alakalo and the councillor whose names were included to speak on behalf of the community in Ngayen Sanjal were deprived of the opportunity to do so confirms that there are people in the Barrow entourage who are not promoting the national interest. Such people should be identified and re-educated to move away from partisan or sectionalist interest when it comes to state administration.

It is very common now to hear President Barrow indicating that governance is a chain link and that the messenger or cleaner is as important as the director or president. Each is simply performing a function. In the same vein no one is more important than the Alkalo of a village or councillor of a ward. Hence to disregard them is a manifestation of gross disregard and disrespect for a community. We hope that this is an oversight rather than a deliberate action.

Foroyaa will interview those who were responsible for speaking arrangements to find out what is responsible for this behaviour of this departure from protocol during the tour of the President.

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