Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Has Diabugu Become Stable?



The caste system in The Gambia can be addressed without resorting to violence. What is important is for people to realise that even though the caste system is around many people who are classified to belong to inferior castes have now gone through the process of education or income generation to enable them to have better lives than some of those who claim to be of noble birth. The reason why certain religions survive is because of the capacity to show tolerance to others. That is why there are injunctions for the freeborn who subscribe to certain religions to free a slave to compensate for one’s failure to adhere to some religious obligations.

Diabugu could provide an example by holding community meetings and inviting prominent persons to discuss how to become one by forgiving and forgetting and voluntarily declaring to free those who were considered to be their slaves. We therefore hope that peace will be maintained so that the dialogue will eventually solve the problem.

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