Saturday, February 29, 2020

Halifa Sallah casts his vote


I voted for the best candidate who  could serve this constituency and the nation says Halifa

Halifa Sallah the PDOIS Candidate for Serekunda Constituency noted that if his electorate accept and  his programmes then he would be hopeful of the victory.” I stood because I believe I have the comepentence and the experience to be albe to guide the executive in the enactment of laws and assessing the vital need of Gambian people I believe that is the candidate I cast my vote for that candidate” Mr. Halifa Sallah was accompanied by his wife Madam Ida Jallow Sallah to cast their votes at the Plaza cinema

Halifa Sallah was responding to questions shortly when he cast his token. He noted that if him and his 22 PDOIS members are voted in to parliament they will hold the government accountable. Issues I will be raising at the national assembly will include the  road conditions, the Sandika, the youth and their conditions, lack of garage, water shortage that hit my electorate as some get up as early as 3 -4 am to queue for water. The national assembly is to monitor and tell the needs of the people to the government for better policy formulation.. Mr. Sallah indicated that he could not say much about the voter turnout as he is just coming out to vote.

Coalition partners are running divided in this election what is your take?

The normal situation for elections for people to put up their candidates and for the Gambian people to make inform choice. The coalition came about because of exceptional circumstances when the opposition parties are put to an advantage in terms of elections.  And it was believed that since people scarified to elect an independent  presidential candidate, it was deem necessary to continue with that fundamental  tactical objective to consolidating democracy, rule of law , good governance and respect for human right in the Gambia.  This is why many felt that all the parties should have scarified this period and call it  transitional period for doing that has never occurred in the Gambia, transformation of the country  through the ballot , we cherished that and thought that the best way to move forward is to forget about  party interest and move more to towards consolidation of the national  instruments and institution for prosperity. But failing that we resort back  to what is genuine democracy those people who believe they could serve  national interest or peoples interest competing and for people to make inform choice.

Don’t you think  there is risk you will fell short winning majority for the coalition partners?

I  do not really see risk any more , what I see now is openness of the  democratic process to be  controlled  by the people, I do not believe that parties  will ever control the process anymore.

I believe we have shifted the equation, now is the Gambia people who must decide. And I believe if they decide wisely those they would put in the parliament will serve their interest that is fundamental. But if the Gambia people fail to exercise their rights  to be architect of their own destiny and surrender to  parochial politics like if people follow ethnolinguistic democracy will be the casualty and they will reap what that mean, we warn/ caution them enough and most likely they would not fall in that faith.



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