Tuesday, November 19, 2019

GPA Increases Tariff On River Crossing


By: Yankuba Jallow

The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) has now increased the tariffs of ferry services countrywide.

Speaking to passengers, they all held that the increment does not favour them and that Ports Authority should seriously look into the issue.

The passengers described the increment to be a huge one where each of the tariff doubles the former one or to some extent triples it.

The tariffs are as follows: for the passengers, VIP is D300 and others D25 whilst a bicycle together with the owner is D50. Commercial vehicles that carry between 1 to 7 passengers is D350, 8 to 14 passengers is D450, 15 to 20 passengers is D650, 21 to 35 passengers is D900, 36 to 44 passengers is D1500 and 45 passengers and above is D2000. For private vehicles, motorised cycle is D150, cars D500, Jeep and double cabin pickups D600 and a car with a hooked trailer, is D1000.

Other goods such as rice, groundnut and cement will pay D15 and for pre-packed or packed cartons (medium), is D25.

For livestock, cattle is D100 per head and for sheep and goats, it is D50 per head.

The tariff for CFA currency was disclosed.

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