Saturday, October 19, 2019

Government Accepts Commission’s Recommendations Against Former President’s Brother


Gambia Government has accepted recommendations of the Janneh Commission that Judgement against a brother to the former President Jammeh be executed forthwith by the Sheriff of the High Court in accordance with the law.

The Government said in its White Paper released on Friday in reaction to the findings and recommendations of the Janneh Commission: “The Government accepts the findings in so far as they relate to Mr. Ansumana Jammeh.”

“Accordingly, the Government accepts the recommendations of the Commission that Judgement against Mr Ansumana Jammeh be executed forthwith by the Sheriff of the High Court in accordance with the law. The Government also accepts the recommendation of the Commission that the sum of D600,000 paid to KGI by Mr Ansumana Jammeh from APAM funds should be recovered at first instance from KGI and failing which it should be recovered from Ansumana Jammeh’s asset.”

According to the Janneh Commission, Mr. Ansumana Jammeh is the younger brother of former President Jammeh. He was the Executive Director of Jammeh Foundation for Peace from 2006 to 2008. From 2008 to 2014, he was the Gambian Ambassador to Qatar. He was Managing Director of Alhamdulillah Petroleum Company (APAM) Sand Mining Business in Kartong and Brufut, from July 2015 to November 2015. He was involved in former President Jammeh’s business dealings.

The Commission found, inter alia, Mr. Ansumana Jammeh introduced Qatari businessman Soaud Ghandour and Rashid Ghandour the owners of Conapro and shareholders in GFFI. In May 2016, he was prosecuted for, and he pleaded guilty to abuse of office, official corruption, conspiracy and economic crimes. A fine of D24,647,028 was imposed on him. In addition, Mr. Ansumana Jammeh’s properties located at Bijilo bearing Serial Registration no.K579/2009, and at old Yundum bearing Serial Registration no.K336/2010 and his vehicle worth D1,000,000 were forfeited to the State. However, the Commission found that this Judgement has not been executed.

It was based on its findings that the Commission recommended that the judgment against Ansumana Jammeh be executed by the Sherrif of the High Court.

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