Wednesday, November 20, 2019

GMC Holds Press Conference


By: Kebba Mamburay

The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), under the leadership of Mai Ahmad Fatty, held a press conference yesterday at the party’s Bureau on Kairaba Avenue.

According to Mr. Fatty, the GMC has been active in the political landscape of the country; that since its formation, they have been at the forefront to liberate the country; that during the days of dictatorship, they have been the political party that was most active on the diplomatic front and that the party visited countries of the European Union to marshal substantial support for the political liberation of the Gambia

Fatty said GMC met with the European Union including the European External Action Service EAS and the European Parliament, which was geared towards galvanizing international efforts and building international consensus against the former dictatorial regime of the Gambia; that they have been active with the US State department at the United Nations and other travel agencies to draw up support for the country to get out of the political situation it was in. Fatty said the party has achieved significant progress during this process some of which he highlighted during the Congress in December; that many were fully aware of the seventeen point principles put before the former president which he said were verbatim copies of the submission made by the GMC in Brussels. Fatty said tremendous work has been done by them with the ECOWAS itself as an institution and regional Governments. Fatty stated that the GMC had been part of the process that preceded the 2011 elections of the eight excruciating sessions conducted by the political parties.

Fatty said it is known to all, the dominant role played by the GMC in the Coalition that finally endowed the crippling and decapitation of the dictatorship in December 2016; that the GMC’s role in the cabinet is very clear as he represented his party as the Minister of Interior. Fatty dwelled on the issue of deportation and the harrowing experiences encountered by Gambians in Libya, and the lack of documentation and the disappointment they experienced in Europe and on the doctors’ strike. Fatty said they know the roles played by Gambians in the diaspora in sustaining livelihoods and maintaining families; that remittances are responsible for keeping this nation for over two decades and that the country now had a migration policy that was created and introduced by him.

On the ongoing doctors’ strike, Fatty said there are those patients who are dying and those whose conditions have been aggravated by the action of the doctors; that they understand from the media that the doctors have been enraged by the remarks by the Minister of health; that these remarks have not killed anybody but that the industrial action of the medical doctors has cost lives and is prejudicial to the health of the nation. In conclusion, Fatty said all Gambians should be development focused and should be within the confines of human rights.

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