Sunday, January 19, 2020



As Obama recalled the senseless massacre of school children to promote gun control in the US against a lobby which makes billions in profits for selling guns, he could not prevent tears rolling from his eyes thus giving the presidency of the US a human face.

He explained how gun violence could be perpetrated by the mentally ill and those driven by hate against those different from them. He mentioned the mass killings against Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and children and college students. He called on advocacy groups to play their part but insisted that guns should be controlled so that those who possess them would not use them for evil purposes.

The fact that he was arguing vehemently to convince public opinion that gun control is necessary confirms that the people of the United States are fully empowered to elect or remove their executive and their law makers.

He is serving his last term and is out to leave a legacy. This is why the Gambian President should embrace the ECOWAS proposal to institute a two term limit in all the countries in the Community.

Power of justice and conviction is mightier and more durable than the power of coercion.


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