Wednesday, February 26, 2020

GFF Denies Being Summoned By Parliament


By Sulayman Bah

The country’s Football House have denied being summoned before the legislative branch’s select-sports committee.

Rumours were abound that the federation have been asked to show up before the select-sports committee of the parliament whose calls the GFF refused to heed to.

The federation pieced a communiqué last week reiterating their stance, describing parliament’s suggestions for them to allow to be investigated as ‘third party interference’ and ‘illegal.’

Reports from the grapevine, days ago, claimed key officials of the federation were made to appear before the National Assembly’s sports body in a behind closed doors meeting.

However, GFF’s boss Lamin Kabba Bajo has rebutted these assertions.

‘Is just talk. The only time we spoke to them (NA/select sports) was when we made that press release. Since then, we have not been written to about anything,’ Bajo tells Foroyaa Sport.

The furore between the NSC and GFF began with the former accusing the latter of a plethora of vices ranging from meddling with the congresses of the Regional football Associations, match-fixing, fraud to corruption.

The federation threatened to drag the council to court, accusing the regulatory body of interfering with football.

FIFA opted to intervene after the council announced the ‘suspension’ of key football house top dogs and insisted on investigating the GFF of a raft of allegations.

A tripartite truce meeting between the Sports Ministry, the NSC and the Council was even proposed for the matter be put to bed amid a looming FIFA international suspension before this latest twist in the saga.

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