Saturday, February 29, 2020

GDC Issues Press Statement On Arrest of “3 Years Jotna” Protestors


‘‘The GDC is shocked by recent contentions between the “3 Years Jotna” and the Barrow administration despite all mediation efforts undertaken by the Party which was responded to by the Movement and not the Government. However, we will relentlessly continue to seek audience from both parties to safeguard the interest of our country.’’

‘‘The security forces must use professionalism in dealing with protesters and respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of speech, assembly and the press as guaranteed in the country’s 1997 Constitution. Chapter IV (4) of the Gambian Constitution forbids the inhuman treatment of citizens. The Public Order Act 1961 amended in 2009 did not state for any inhuman treatment in protests or demonstrations of discontent. Security forces must guarantee safety and security in any procession in the new Gambia and should become the champions of “Never Again.”

‘‘The General Order (GO) of the Gambia’s Public Servants clearly states in Section 03109 the following: “An Officer will be liable to disciplinary proceedings if he/she is subject to serious pecuniary embarrassment. A Head of Department who becomes aware of such a situation, will take execute disciplinary action as required by the Regulations.”

‘‘In the wake of the above therefore, we are asking Government to drop all charges against those arrested and order the re-opening of all private radio stations that have been closed and seek dialogue instead of confrontation.’’

‘‘We also call on the Government of Adama Barrow to conduct a thorough investigation in the treatment of protesters and provide redress to discourage any similar incident in the future.’’

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