Sunday, February 23, 2020

Gambia’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth should be decided by Gambians— GDC leader


By Ndey Sowe

Mamma Kandeh, leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress and presidential candidate said The Gambia’s withdrawal from the gdc-leadercommonwealth should be decided by Gambians and not by President Jammeh alone.

The GDC leader was speaking on Friday at Fass Njaga Choi in Lower Nuimi in the North Bank Region where he was addressing a large crowd of his party supporters. He said The Gambia’s withdrawal from the commonwealth is not a solution and is unwelcome by the Gambian people.

Regarding education, Kandeh told party supporters that his government, if elected, would bring quality education and not build more schools without qualified teachers.

He also compared Senegal and The Gambia and remarked that this country has a long way to go in terms of development, adding that Senegal is three times bigger but is more developed than The Gambia. He said Gambia is a small country and it should develop faster than Senegal.

Regarding agriculture, the GDC leader told supporters that if he is voted into power agriculture would be a priority. He went further to deplore the rising prices of commodities in the country where farmers who constitute eighty percent of the population cannot feed themselves.

He attributed the mass movement of the youth through the ‘back way’ to lack of jobs which is frustrating them (the youth). He promised that this would soon come to an end because come December 1st GDC would be in power. Mamma Kandeh also urged the youths of this country to be mindful and know what would benefit them in future, adding that the GDC is here to open the eyes of the people.

He reiterated his earlier position that it is not true that he is backed by President Jammeh. “I want to tell those who are saying this out there that what I need from President Jammeh is to take the seat from him,” he asserted

He went further: “I have never stepped into his farm, so President Jammeh cannot buy me and he would never buy me.”

He also added that if he comes into power, he would work for The Gambian people rather than Gambians working for him; and “if my work does not satisfy Gambians let them remove me and bring another person,” he asserted.

He told his supporters if he is voted into office he would bring electricity to the whole country, as in Basse if you want to buy ice block it costs you D50 or D75.

He added that when the GDC is voted into office they would only serve two terms in office.

He concluded that GDC is here for peace and therefore called on all GDC supporters to respect the law.


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