Friday, November 15, 2019

Gambian mother soliciting assistance to have custody of children in UK


A desperate Gambian mother is soliciting for assistance to enable her lodge an appeal in a British court to regain the right for access and custody of her children who are with the social service in the United Kingdom for the past 8 years.

According to this woman, she has not seen or spoken to her two children, a girl and boy, since 2008 when they were 7 years and 2 years respectively as they are in the custody of the British Social Service. She said the two children were born in the UK in her marriage with a Gambian husband who was also based there at the time. She said both parents are now in the Gambia and struggling in the British legal system to have access to their children.

“I have never spoken to my two children since they were forcibly taken away from me by the social service in 2008 and I left the UK in 2009,” said the desperate mother.

She explained that she has been fighting for her right to have access and custody of her children who are now far away from her.

The woman said the matter is now before the Civil Appeals division of the Royal Courts of Justice in London to determine whether the parents should have access to their children. She said a judgment was earlier made in favour of the social service in the absence of the legal representation of the bona fide parents and that the same court has now allowed them to lodge an appeal.

It is therefore in this regard that she is soliciting for urgent assistance from Good Samaritans both in the Gambia and abroad in order to settle the legal fees required for the filing of this appeal within two weeks.

She can be reached on these numbers: 2205654 / 9092819.


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