Monday, February 24, 2020

Gambia Will Not Close the Airport, Peace Assured for All Citizens


By Suwaibou Touray

The Government of the Gambia under the leadership of the Outgoing President Yahya Jammeh who has refused to accept defeat in the December 2016 Presidential elections has denied any plans to close Banjul International Airport to traffic.

A Press release from the Office of Outgoing President Jammeh on January 5th 2017, broadcast by the state owned Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), informs the general public that it has come to the attention of the government of the Gambia that fake news concocted by a Gambian Opposition news site in the United States of America reported that the Government of the Gambia intends to shut down the Banjul International airport by January 10th 2017.

According to the Release, this false news has been picked up by other online information news sites that have gone viral.

“This has led to anxiety from airline passengers intending to fly in and out of the Gambia from the 10th of January. This information is complete fabrication and the government has not issued any such directive,” stated the Government release.

The Government of The Gambia has assured all passengers intending to use Banjul International Airport, the only airport in the country, that the airport remains open and will remain open for business as usual.

“The fake news is orchestrated by enemies of The Gambia in their whole objective of fermenting confusion and civil strife among the Gambian populace,” the release added.

The Gambia government of outgoing president Jammeh urges people to disregard fake news being routinely circulated around the country and assured that the country remains peaceful for all its citizens and residents alike.

The Gambian president who has ruled the country for 22 years is still adamant to remain in power despite strong objection from Gambians and the International community citing irregularities in the election process and collation of results which many fear could risk conflict.


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