Sunday, August 18, 2019

Free Surgery Operation At Soma Health Centre In September


This is to inform the general public that there will be free surgical operations by a group of Spanish Doctors, to be held at the Soma Health Centre, in September, 2017. The group has three teams of specialist doctors that comprise burn, eye and plastic surgeon specialists. The operations will be carried out free of charge and if one is also admitted, feeding will be taken care of by them. Free transport will be provided for those coming from the Kombo area and after the operation; patients will be refunded transport fares anytime they come to Soma for dressing. Fire accident patients will have their deformed body fixed up to 90%. Ulcer and Diabetics will also be provided medication, alongside patients with severe knee and other joint pains.

These Doctors and Nurses have been doing this service since 2015 and by the great of the Almighty, they plan to continue doing the service each and every year, free of charge.

For bookings, contact: 7055652 or 6611843


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