Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Foni Bondali Lawmaker Calls on Executive to be Non- Partisan


By: Kebba AF Touray

Kaddy Camara, Member for Foni Bobdali, has called on the Executive to be nonpartisan and distance themselves from politics.

She said this on Friday, 5th October 2019 during the adjournment debate at the National Assembly.

She added, “Let them distance themselves from politics, because they are there for the interest of the Gambian people and not any particular individual”.
She expressed “I am disappointed and dismayed with the Vice President for the comment that the people of Foni are given free rice. We want the Vice President to tell us which communities in Foni received the free rice”.

On the issue of the diplomatic passport, she pointed out that some people were given two diplomatic passports with different portfolios and challenged the Foreign Affairs Ministry to clarify the reason for such actions.

She continued: “I support the recommendation that the National Assembly set up a taskforce to probe into the issue of the diplomatic passport. Without that, we are not going to get a correct report. She cited as an example, the alleged D33 million that got into the account of the ‘First Lady’ and still now there is no clarity on the said fund.
She also expressed the dissatisfaction with the alleged comment made by the second Vice Chairperson of the TRRC, during their trip to Europe and remarked that if we are advocating for One Gambia One People One Nation, there should be no reason to segregate others.

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