Friday, December 6, 2019

Findings At Last On Detentions Without Trial And Disappearances Without Trace


Since families accepted interviews on the arrest and detention and disappearance without trace, Foroyaa has been exposing the plight of the victims and that of their loved ones. The paper never hesitated to amplify the voices of the victims.

One must wonder how it feels to be an executioner of an innocent human being. Now that their deaths are being acknowledged by perpetrators, their families could now have closure. Some had hoped that their loved ones would be found jailed somewhere unknown to the rest of society. That hope is dashed. That however is not to be; instead how they were murdered was exposed by those who could no longer live in denial.

Society as a whole should bear the brunt of the guilt and make sure that there is no recurrence. This will require drawing the right lessons at the right time for all to learn.

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