Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Farafeni and Surrounding Get Regular Electricity


Abdoulai G. Dibba

The residents of Farafeni and satellite villages that get electricity supply from the town’s Power station, now get their supply from the sister republic of Senegal on a regular basis.

According to residents, since Tuesday 22 August, the supply of electricity to Farafeni has come from the Senegalease national power grid and not the NAWEC.

Isatou Marr informed this medium that they were surprised when their electric bolts were on and the NAWEC power station generator was off.

“On Wednesday it was clear to me that our electricity supply comes from Senegal through Kerr Ayib. I realized this when I visited the NAWEC power station and saw that their generator was put off.”

Upon enquiry, she said she was told electricity supply to Farafeni was from Senegal.

Kebba Ceesay, a tailor asserted that this ‘Tobaski’, they will not have problems with their customers as they have long periods of electricity supply and they have sewn almost all the clothes given to them by their customers.

“In the past, the problem of not finishing the clothes given to us by our customers were caused by irregular power supply. But thank God that this year we have longer and regular power supply,” Ceesay stated.

Matarr Jeng, a welder man said government should make sure that this current power supply continues as it is enabling them to do their work smoothly; that for the past four days they have regular and steady power supply which makes them to be productive in their work.

Attempt to get in touch with the NAWEC Public Relations Officer on the matter, proved futile during the weekend.

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