Saturday, December 7, 2019

Faraba Victim Complains of Negligence By Government


By Makutu Manneh 

Bubacarr Darbo, a victim of Faraba Banta incident has complained of being neglected by the Government.

Darbo said he suffered from a gun-shot on his left leg just above his knee which destroyed his bones; that during the protest, he went out looking for his younger brother Salifu Darbo; but that before he could reach the scene of protest, he met people running in different directions from PIU officers and was shot in the leg in the process and became unconscious.

“I was taken to the Brikama hospital by PIU officers,” he said; that upon reaching the hospital, he was later admitted to the EFSTH in Banjul where he spent twenty-eight days.

Darbo alleged that at the hospital, he was told that they did not have the equipment to treat his condition; that a medical report was later written about his condition which one Mr. Sowe came for and told him that President Barrow will take him for treatment in Dakar.

Darboe said in Dakar, an iron was inserted into his leg but that his situation worsened when he returned to the EFSTH in Banjul, where the irons were removed.

Darboe said he was told to pay twenty thousand Dalasi for his treatment; that he tried everything possible to raise the money but he could not.

“I will be paralyzed because Government has abandoned me completely. I have twelve children and I am just a farmer. For the past years, I have been unable to do anything for myself and my family. I get assistance from friends to make a living now which is very embarrassing for me,” he said.

If readers can recall, the Faraba incident occurred on 18th June 2018, when villagers clashed with PIU personnel during a violent protest, resulting in the death of some of the protesters.

In this particular protest, Police were said to use live ammunition on unarmed protesters. Babucarr Darboe was part of those injured and currently battles with his health as a result of the injury he sustained during the incident. He now walks on crouches.

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