Monday, February 17, 2020

Faraba Banta Victim Narrates His Woes


By Nelson Manneh

Mr. Darboe in an interview with this reporter at his home in Faraba Banta, on Tuesday the 11 September 2018 narrated the difficulties, pain and suffering he has been undergoing.

He said he faced a lot of difficulties in Dakar Senegal during his medical treatment.

He said that the money given to him to pay his medical bills was not enough and there was no body to come to his aid, adding that he used the money given to him by close relatives to pay some of his bills and buy crutches that he used for working and those receipts are with him.

“Life is very difficult in Dakar. I made a request from the authorities to help me with some money when I was in Dakar but I could not get any positive respond even feeding was a problem,” he said.

Mr. Darboe added that upon his return to The Gambia he informed the authorities that he was back home and was going to join his poor family.

“I pleaded for financial support as I am from a poor family; my mother is a widow and one of my younger brothers was also injured during the incident. We are no more working we depend one relatives and my wife,” he said.

Mr. Darboe called on the authorities to help them with basic needs, especially food. He said that he is surprise that since he came back from Senegal almost a month ago nobody from the government went to visit him in order to know his condition.

Meanwhile this reporter proceeded to the residents of Pa Sulayman Jammeh who was also injured during the incident but got his treatment at the EFSTH in Banjul. Pa Jammeh said he is getting better now.

Pa Jammeh said he can now move around and do some basic things like sewing fishing nets as he is a fisherman.

“My worry is the outcome of this year’s rainy season. I am a farmer and I depend on the proceeds of my labour,” he said.

Pa Jammeh added that according to their culture they don’t beg from people despite what the conditions may be. That this is why he is keeping quiet but life is very difficult with him especially during this rainy season.

“I give my fishing nets to people who want to use it and tell them that when they come back they can give me some fish that I will use for the day’s soup,” he said.

Mr. Abubacarr Darboie also revealed that he should be going back to Dakar for medical checkup today, Wednesday 12 September 2018. He was at first hospitalized at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul and was later referred to the Principal Hospital in Dakar for medical treatment.

Pa Jammeh thanked Turo Darboe for his support towards his treatment. That Turo Darboe supported them financially when they were admitted at the hospital. He said part of that money given to him by Turo Darboe was used it to buy medicine when he was released.   

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