Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Faraba Banta, The Defining Moment For Barrow’s Administration


In any clash that results in the loss of life, prosecuting civilians is usually not the best option. The Jammeh administration learnt this fundamental lesson after the April 10/11 2000 massacre. There were claims of the culpability of certain students which were refuted by GAMSU. Eventually the danger of inflaming public outcries after so many injuries and death by taking students to Court, compelled the administration to abandon the idea.

The Faraba Banta incident was contained by instituting a Commission of Inquiry into the events, and the Barrow administration needs to sit down with a team of experts, to study the recommendations and come up with a decision that could be published, with a view to addressing the situation in a reasonable and justifiable manner, and further prevent any recurrence.

A Commission of Inquiry is established to enable authorities to address matters that would become more complicated if submitted to a normal judicial process. Otherwise there is no need to conduct the exercise. It is founded on the principle that justice and mercy are linked, and in some instances, justice could best be done by exercising mercy as dictated by circumstances.

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