Thursday, February 20, 2020

Families Mourn Death of Two US/Gambian Citizens


Yankuba Jallow

The families of the late Gambian American citizens Mamut Ceesay(August 7, 1995) and Ebou Jobe (March 10, 1973) who were arrested by the former regime for reasons unknown mourned their dead at their family residence in Latrikunda. According to the family, they organised the gathering to mourn the death of their loved ones who were confirmed by the police to be dead. The day was graced by the recitation of the Quran 8 times which was attended by more than 500 people including family members, relatives from Senegal, neighbours and loved ones.

Speaking to Foroyaa, his father, Mr Ceesay, said it is the painful saying that he is his first son who was helpful to him and the family at large.

Ndey Kane, the wife of Mamut Ceesay described her husband to be caring and loving to her and the kids. She said she has a son with him and is also survived by a daughter from another woman. According to her, her husband got bachelor’s degrees in Business studies and computer science. “He decided to come and invest in his home country to build a school and a cashew business,” she said. She said her husband has never been a politician and has never got any problem with any government. She asserted that her husband was arrested on baseless issues and she lost hope when the announcement was made for the release of prisoners detained under the former regime in which his name was not called. She calls on the authorities to do something to administer justice to all those who were victims of Jammeh’s rule, saying that they cannot wait anymore.

Aji Mami Ceesay, the mother of Mamut Ceesay said she is reminding the authorities that people joined efforts to effect the change in the December 2016 polls so they should administer justice.

She said the U.S Embassy, Banjul gave them two mobile numbers to call at the Gambia Police force in which they were told to go the Police Headquarters. At the police she said they were told that the two were dead and their grave is already known. According to her, they were buried at Kanilai at Yahya Jammeh’s Garden and since their arrest no one told them the whereabouts of their loved ones. She expressed the need for the Gambians to join hands to avoid the repetition of such horrific experience.

Oloy Ceesay Jabbi a sister to Mamut called on the new committee set up for the victims of Jammeh’s atrocities to look into matters rapidly and bring them to a court of competent jurisdiction to handle the matter in which justice will be administered for all.


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