Friday, October 18, 2019

Fallen tree obstructs Traffic in Bwiam


Lamin Fatty

Traffic in Bwiam on the South Bank halted for more than 7 hours on Monday 23rd September 2019, after a big tree fell on the highway.

A long queue of vehicles was seen on the highway in Bwiam in Foni Kansala, awaiting the removal of the branches of the fallen tree for the road to be motorable.

According to an eye witness, the tree fell in the early hours of Monday which was around 7. The fallen tree was a habitat for bees, the source added. The community close to the tree was attacked by bees and many had to run to save themselves from the wild insects. Members of the community noted that this makes them very uncomfortable in their environment.

“The tree was about to fall since last year and it was neglected until it fell down causing disaster in the community,” said a native of the village

Musa Bojang ward councilor for Bwiam described the incident as unfortunate, however, he said the village development committee had engaged the forestry officer, but he was not interested in addressing the issue.

“I told people that they should not be waiting until disaster happens, they start acting, but they should rather take action to mitigate it”

 Lamin Barrow Assistant Station Officer Bwiam police station who was met on the ground, said he was there to ensure the safety of the people.

The Alkalo of the village Pa Saikou Nyassi said they are working with the forest department to ensure that the fallen tree is removed from the highway.

Officials of Bwiam Hospital came to help spray the bees so that the process of removing the branches of the tree on the road would commence.

Buba Kanteh the Forestry Officer in Bondali, said when he got the news around 7:30 am, he immediately rushed to the scene to inspect the incident.

“I wanted to mobilise people, but I found villagers, National Road Authority and others already clearing the litter.”

He advised that big trees close to high electric tensions and buildings along highways should be reported to the forestry department for further action.

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