Saturday, October 19, 2019

Environment Groups Sign MoU to Strengthen Collaboration


By Hatab Nyang

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration in the management of the Region’s Forest resources has been signed between the Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group (GEPADG), Nyambai Forest Technical Committee (NFTC) and Bamboo Foundation Gambia (BFG) on Saturday 7th September 2019 at the Nyambai Forest premises.

According to Omar Darboe, president and founder of BFG, the signed MoU with the Forestry Department of Brikama and GEPADG is for the management of the West Coast Region’s forest resources, in collaboration with the Forestry Department’s Technical Unit in Brikama.
‘‘In order to fully manage the bamboo strip of forest in Nyambai, we see it necessary to sign this MOU with the Forestry Department to rehabilitate the bulldozed bamboo strip. The MoU with GEPADG is to collaborate and work on environmental restoration and protection,’’ he said.

Kebba Jammeh the head of the Technical Department at Nyambai Forest said the signing of the MoU was a noble idea and gesture of patriotism from the environmentalist groups towards the rehabilitation of the bamboo forest in particular and the protection and restoration of the regions environment in general; that they once received a request from BFG for them to be given the opportunity to rehabilitate and restore the bulldozed bamboo forest and to ensure its protection. Jammeh continued that the signing of the MoU will boost this collaboration and further ensure the protection of the bamboo strip and other forest areas within the region; that he is hopeful of a fruitful collaboration which will go beyond their widest expectation in protecting other forest areas of the region in particular and the country as a whole.

Badara N. Bajo, the Director of GEPADG on his part said the purpose of the MoU is to enhance a good working relationship between the groups in order to safeguard the remaining natural resources, based on the sustainable practices, and in restoring the lost forest cover.

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