Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Does The Gambia Need Donor Support?



The main reason why Haile Selassie lost the confidence of the Ethiopian people is when he considered it a disgrace to display the hungry emaciated bodies of the Ethiopian people suffering from drought. Such people needed humanitarian assistance but the government felt that its opponents were trying to discredit it by displaying such pictures of dying people and animals.

The Gambia is in a transition and recent calls by humanitarians deeming it social protection issues like calling for donation of blood and equipping diabetic units is labelled as machinations of critics aimed at discrediting the government.

It is important for government never to make pronouncements of machinations of critics unless its national intelligence agency conducts proper investigation to distinguish genuine humanitarian aid from allegations of attempt just to discredit a government. The worst opposition party on earth is one that would want the suffering of the people to increase so that it would get closer to power. A genuinely democratic opposition party would always want to inherit a better society so as to add value to it to make it better when it proves and earns the confidence of the people in an election that it could make things better than the government it wishes to replace.

A country needs a government in office and alternatives with the same aim of eradicating the suffering of the people. Foroyaa would like to take this opportunity to remind the government that Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital is in need of a facelift. Government needs to paint and refurbish the hospital if it is to be called a teaching hospital. If government cannot do so before the end of this year any humanitarian group with the ability should come to the aid of the hospital.

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