Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Do Political Parties Have Code Of Conduct For Their Members?



We promised to publish the code of conduct of any political party that is willing to make it available to Foroyaa. The first code of conduct which should guide the relation between members of the same political parties or different members is the interparty committee code of conduct. The relevant portion which forbids the use of derogatory remarks against others is as follows:

“A party that has subscribed to this code will:


I. organise and conduct its activities at all times in a manner that contributes towards a congenial and peaceful atmosphere.


II. avoid using inflammatory or defamatory language; and


III. not in any way threaten or incite violence in any form against any person or groups of persons.


IV. A party that subscribes to this Code will not issue, either officially or anonymously, pamphlets, newsletters or posters containing language or material that threatens or incites violence.”

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