Sunday, January 26, 2020

Did The IGP Put An Embargo On Meetings By Political Parties?



Registered political parties are not ordinary institutions. They are recognised by law as political associations with members who are empowered to have freedom of movement and operate all over the country to promote their affairs. This is why section 103A of the Elections Act states:

“Subject to the provisions of this Part, political parties may be established to–
(a) participate in the shaping of the political will of the people;
(b) disseminate information of political ideas and on political, economic and social programmes of national character; and
(c) sponsor candidates for public elections.”

Hence all security forces and agents of the state should at all times be ready to facilitate any decision of a political party to exercise its right to move and assemble wherever they could to promote their programmes as dictated by law. Any unreasonable and unjustifiable restriction to their movement, association and assembly would be unlawful. This is the time to give political parties all the leverage to carry out their peaceful political activities so that they will have no cause to complain regarding restriction or obstruction to their activities.
Foroyaa will contact the Inspector General of Police to find out what the intention of the IGP is regarding meetings of political parties.

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