Friday, April 3, 2020



After twenty two years of no democracy, Gambians have started enjoying it under the new regime. This has brought lots of happiness into the face of the citizens dwelling within the perimeters of the country. 
However, this has led many to be destructive, arrogant and so troublesome, thus the ethics of Democracy being brutalised without caution.
Democracy provides you the atmosphere where you can live with ease. Democracy gives you the freedom to express your inner thoughts without fear. Democracy gives that atmosphere, where you can happily live without any trouble or pressure from fearsome forces. Democracy lives as a defendant of your rights as a human being.
With those qualities of Democracy, one needs to be very careful and practise it with a high sense of maturity and care. It should NOT be a platform where one should step on and violate another. It should NOT be a room where you should enter with aggression. It should NOT be a game which you should play roughly. It should NOT be food which one should greedily eat.  It should  NOT be a spectacle to view only negative images of things.

Let’s be cautious with our vision of DEMOCRACY and enjoy it with respect and care. Let’s desist from those acts we accord it with and change for the best.

Democracy is not ‘Senbocracy’.

Lamin Sanneh
Taranga FM Manding News presenter


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