Thursday, January 23, 2020

Defence closes case in Brikama Nurse’s Trial


By Kebba JeffangThe four counts charge, including negligence of duty leading to the death of a newly born baby, involving Mrs. Ndey Touray, a former nurse at Brikama Health Center, proceeded at the Brikama Magistrates’ court yesterday, 19th June, 2014 before Principal Magistrate Dayoh M. Small Dago.The proceeding witnessed the cross examination of Mrs. Marie T. Gomez, a nurse at Brikama Health Center and the third and final defence witness, by the prosecutor before the matter was adjourned for address.Police prosecutor Corporal 2294 Jammeh held brief for Sub-Inspector E. Sarr, while the defence counsel Lawyer Lamin K. Mboge was absent for the defence.In the cross examination, the police prosecutor, Jammeh asked the witness to tell the court her role at BHC. The witness said she works at the labour ward.“Were you on duty on the day of the incident?” asked the prosecutor. The witness responded in the negative.“So it is correct to say that you did not know anything about this case?”asked prosecutor Jammeh. Mrs. Gomez responded in the negative, adding that this is because she was not there.“Who used to take care of partograph at BHC?” asked the prosecutor. “The pathograph is there for anyone on duty to fill any detail,” replied the witness.“So it is correct that the day Ndey Touray was with the parthograph you were there?”asked the prosecutor. The witness responded in the positive.“You also agreed that the day she came to collect it was not the day of the incident?” asked prosecutor Jammeh. She replied in the negative.At this juncture, the accused person announced the closure of her case.The trial Magistrate, therefore, adjourned the matter to the 24th June, 2014 for address if the counsel wishes to do so. He, however, added that if the defence counsel failed again to appear at the next adjourned date, the matter will be set for judgment.]]>

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