Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Criminal Investigation into Operation of Factory Continues


By Mustapha Jallow

Personnel of the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Gambia Police Force are still investigating Infinity New Energy Enterprise, a Chinese factory that reportedly uses Pyrolysis to recycle waste tires into heavy duty-fuel.

An official of the National Environment Agency told this paper that the factory uses waste tires to produce heavy-duty fuel, which is meant for big generations, trucks-18-wheelers and sea ship machine.

The NEA staff, remarked: “They were never granted environmental approval to go ahead, but we felt this project would also help the country, then we allowed them to operate,”

He said, “I will not go further because the matter is already in the hands of the Police. So, let’s wait for the outcome of the investigation”, adding “They will send us a copy of the report of their investigation,’’

Buba Jammeh, a Forestry officer said he was invited to the Interpol office at the Police Headquarters in Banjul, regarding the factory issue.

“Interpol unit requested for my full cooperation about the factory activities, which I agreed to go and answer,” he said.

Police Spokesperson ASP Lamin Njie on Monday, 27 May, assured the reporter that once their investigators are done with the investigation, it would be made known to the public but as for now, he can’t go further.

“Investigators are still investigating the said factory. They are inviting persons to come and give account and our Police Intelligence officers are also monitoring the said factory since they were asked to stop operation until investigation is done,’’ he said.

Police investigators, NEA officials and Immigration once visited the place to examine the factory’s operation and bring in residents to determine what kind of activities was being processed at the site.

Several attempts were made to talk to the proprietors including one of them a Chinese lady but without success.

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