Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Could President Barrow Explain The Purpose Of The Five Year Term Movement?


Leaders have to guide their people, especially when they are promoting an agenda. There are people holding meetings with a view to promoting a five year term after President Barrow has already declared that he will serve a five year term.

The issue of a five year term given by a coalition or supporters is a futile venture. The Constitution already provides for a five year term. Hence there is no need to campaign for a five year term.

The subject matter that brought the debate is whether President Barrow will honour the three year mandate he agreed with the members of the Coalition before he became their candidate. This agreement is what brought about change in 2016. Once he was sworn in as president, he had the duty to tell the nation whether to respect the coalition mandate.

Now that he has been spoken for by the vice president before the National Assembly that cabinet including the president did decide on the issue for him to stay for five years, what is expected is for the chapter to be closed. We therefore hope that Gambia will come to terms with the decision of the president and close the chapter on the campaign for five years which has already been overtaken by recent events at the National Assembly.

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