Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Continued Detention Of Soldier Bothers Family


By Kebba Mamburay

The continued detention of Ousman Sanneh (Pa Sanneh) of The Gambia Armed Forces, is a thorn on the flesh of his family.

Speaking to a Foroyaa Journalist, a family member said the warrant officer was arrested over 2 years ago and has never been brought before a court of law, adding that, “it is unconstitutional to arrest or detain a person for more than 72 hours without arraigning him/her before a court.”

The source complains that the family has not been informed of the crime he had allegedly committed.

“He is the breadwinner of our family, since his arrest up to date, we are finding it difficult to make ends meat,” the source lamented.

“I am pleading to the government to release him. Whatever crime he committed, let him be taken to court so that justice can prevail. We have seen people who had committed notorious crimes and they are still serving in the army and walking freely in the country. So why him?” the source queried.

Meanwhile, the PRO of The Gambia Armed Forces, said the arrest and detention of Ousman Sanneh WOC1 was precipitated by his involvement in the activities of ‘Junglers’. He further said, Ousman including others that are detained are allowed visits by their families.

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