Wednesday, February 26, 2020



By Madiba  Singhateh

The ownership of a vast area of land is being disputed by the communities of Bakoteh, Kolili and Sanchaba, against Swami India Company. The land measures over 300 metres square and protestors say it is reserved by the three communities for a recreation center, a community garden and other public amenities like a market.

During the gathering which took place at Kololi last week slogans like: ‘‘Our Future depends on this Land,”“We Are To Protect Our Land,’’ and ‘‘This Land is not for Sale,” could be seen, boldly written on banners by protesters from these communities.

Baboucarr Sey alias Nani, who is one of the organisers of the gathering, told Foroyaa that discussion on the issues of land ownership between Global Properties, Kanifing Municipal Council and the youths from these communities, has been ongoing for quite a long time now.

Mr. Sey added that Global Properties and their partners Swami India, claim to have bought the said land in dispute from KMC, to build an Estate; that when Swami India Company and Global Properties were asked to come to their gathering, the two parties came without KMC.

Ajaratou Jariatou Baldeh, an elderly woman who spoke at the gathering, said she knows about the land in dispute a long time ago because she has been doing some gardening at the place before.

She said as time went on, young people started to use the land as a recreation centre and youths from Bakoteh, Kololi, Sanchaba and Manjai, all came there to play.

She called on government to rescue them from these property developers and use their land for other public amenities that the community lack, such as hospital, market etc. Also speaking at the gathering were Lamin Badjie from Kerr Serigne, Lamin Jammeh from Manjai, and Tijan Jallow of Kololi.


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