Thursday, February 20, 2020

College Staff End Strike


By Yankuba Jallow/ Louis Jobe 

Staff of the Gambia College have ended their indefinite strike, after negotiating with stakeholders.

The Staff commenced a sit-down strike two weeks ago, for the late payment of their July salaries to be addressed.

This is the second strike by staff of the College, in less than seven months. In a press release from the PTC Extension Committee signed by the Secretary General Musa Jawara, the committee apologised to students for the discontinuity of lectures; that they wish to acknowledge that the lecturers in their capacity, never wished to discontinue the programme; but that circumstances compelled them to do so.

In the same vein, lecturers thanked the students for being in solidarity with their decision and are happy to contribute in minimising their plight. Jawara said the principal and his staff members have given them the assurance, that all lost days will be compensated, no matter the duration; that the committee wishes to thank them for their cooperation and understanding regarding the issue; that they are impressed with the professionalism and maturity shown, towards the issue; that on this note, they wish to officially inform the general student body, that lectures begin on Thursday August 16th 2018, and issues pertinent to module exams and the break for the Tobaski, will be subsequently communicated; that in lieu of the above, they look forward to seeing everyone on board.

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