Friday, February 28, 2020

Coalition Government Not Making Headway – Mamma Kandeh


By Yankuba Jallow

GDC leader Mamma Kandeh has criticised the Coalition government for not making any headway since they took over power.

Kandeh said the Coalition leadership were telling the masses that the opposition under the former regime were at a disadvantage but that since they assumed the mantle of leadership, the only thing they have accomplished is to amend the age limit.
The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) leader made these remarks at a press conference held at the Baobab Hotel in Kololi on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

The press conference brought together GDC party leaders, party supporters and sympathisers among many others.

Honourable Kandeh said he has great regard for the Coalition leadership and he hoped that they act as expected by the populace.

Mr. Kandeh noted that his party is not daunted by the widely spoken issue about whether the Coalition MoU on three-year transition was signed.

“Whether they will step down or not, that is a decision for them to make but I know the GDC is more than ready to go for election at any given time,” Kandeh said.

The GDC flag bearer, Honourable Mamma Kandeh said he has been helping the needy people in the country before he ventured into politics and will continue to render help to people till his last breath. He cited many of his support to the people before he embarked on partisan politics such as importing many containers, paying their shipment and supplying hospitals with drugs for free.

He said GDC is the youngest political party and has been actively taken part in national development by establishing many projects in its pursuit of national development. The party has contested in the December 2016 polls pulling over 89,000 votes for the presidential elections whilst at the national assembly elections, it got 5 seats.

Honourable Kandeh said he gives out help to people because he is a citizen and he wants to contribute his quota to national development. He challenged those saying he better remains a philanthropist than being a politician, saying everyone is involved in politics in one way or the other but everyone is a politician.

Further, Kandeh said the ECOMIG force has gone beyond its mandate to seize tree products from the citizenry.

He said GDC is here for the nation and their political system is politics of development. The GDC party leader said he wants to take the political trend of the country to what is known as politics of development and that GDC as a political party will do anything it can to support the development of the country.

He further called on all Gambians to join the GDC party.

He added that GDC has rendered a lot of support to the populace in the year 2017 such as the recent handing over of over 220 bags of rice, construction of bridges, gardens, construction of roads among others.


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