Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Chinese Donated Rice Yet To Be Distributed


Abdoulai G. Dibba

Chinese Donated Rice

The donated rice from the People’s Republic of China that was delivered to the Government of the Gambia since the 30th of June 2017, is yet to be distributed this medium can reveal.

Apart from the 100 bags that were given to the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Clinic out of the first batch of 1308 tonnes or 26160 bags, no distribution has been done as far as the people are concerned.

During a tour of the rural communities from the 19th to 23rd of September 2017, this reporter was informed by the farmers that the Chinese donated rice which they were expecting during ‘hungry period’, was not distributed up to now.

The coordinator of the taskforce responsible for the distribution of the rice, Musa Sonko, confirmed that the rice is yet to be distributed but was quick to add that the delay was due to the modalities for the distribution, which he said has been completed now.

Mr. Sonko informed this medium that “hopefully the distribution will be done this week as all the modalities has been worked out.”

Explaining the modality of the distribution to this reporter, Mr Sonko said the donated rice at the region will be divided by the number of the people in the region and in some regions, it may be one and a half kilogram of rice per person.

However, the coordinator of the taskforce responsible for the distribution of the rice, Musa Sonko, said the amount may be more in some regions or less, depending on the number of people in the Region. The rice is now at the regions waiting for distribution




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