Monday, February 24, 2020

Caste Scuffle In Koina Leaves Three People Injured


By: Lamin Fatty

Some people in the so-called ‘freeborn’ community of Koina village, attacked some members of the so called ‘slave’ faction, seriously injuring three people in the persons of Papa Camara, Mahamed Gumbally and Salifu Touray, who are said to be members of the so called ‘slave’ faction.

This unfortunate incident happened on Sunday January 27th 2019, when some people from so called ‘slave’ faction were given a bull to celebrate for accepting to be slaves; that during this celebration which involved drumming and dancing from one compound to the other, some of the celebrants were denied from entering certain compounds by their owners, and this resulted in commotion which eventually ended in violence and serious upheaval.

Speaking to reporter, Musa Sanneh of the so called ‘slave’ faction said the problem started on Sunday when celebrants wanted to enter compounds where they were not welcome; that they forcefully entered the compounds and scuffles broke out which led to violence, leading to three people sustaining serious injuries; that Papa Camara who was the first victim, sustained injuries all over his head; Muhamadou Gumbally got blurred eyes after being struck by a blow on the neck, and Salif Touray, who was also injured on the head and back. Sanneh said both Papa Camara and Muhamadou Gumbally are currently admitted at the Koina Health facility whilst Salif Touray who was unconscious in the beginning due to his injuries, has been evacuated and admitted at the Basse Regional Hospital.

According to the first victim Papa Camara, he was attacked at the village Bantaba where he sustained injuries and was immediately rushed to the Koina health facility for treatment; that at the Health facility, he was prescription paper to buy medicine from a pharmacy in the village, and on his way, was attacked again and was seriously hurt on the head.

A family member of Muhammad Gumbally who spoke to this reporter in the person of Alagie Fofana, said his brother got blurred vision because of the beatings he sustained from his attackers.

Ten people have so far been arrested from the so called ‘freeborn’ faction and are currently detained at the Basse Police Station. The detained persons are Saikou Samura the VDC Chairperson of Koina, Chima  Sako Gumanneh, Musa Gumanneh (the son the Alkalo  of Koina), Moro Gumanneh, Alagie Ceesay Jabbi, Ousman Gumanneh, Bakary Samura, Dembo Touray, Alagie Juwara and Hagie Jalia Gumanneh.

The detainees are said to have been charged on two accounts:

1)  unlawful organisation of an event without permit;

2)  joint assault causing grievous bodily harm.

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