Monday, December 16, 2019



This question was posed by a concerned person. The answer is simple. The Gambian people are greater in   number than non Gambians who may have voters’ cards. The youth population is also greater in number than any other social category. Hence if the Gambian people  take a stand on the side of change  no number of non Gambian voters could tip the balance; on the contrary, the decisive nature of the Gambian population  could even  compel those who may possess voters’ cards illegally not to go against change. This is the first point.

Secondly, all candidates are empowered to have two polling agents to guard their ballot boxes.   Hence regardless of whether paper ballot or marble is utilised once the candidates have honest, knowledgeable and mature polling agents  they would be seated on time to witness the opening of the ballot boxes to confirm that  there is no stuffing of ballot boxes at the start of voting, witness the sealing of the boxes after voting and the counting of ballots after breaking the seal.

This is what is supposed to be as far as the electoral law in concerned. Is change possible through the ballot box?

Yes, if the overwhelming majority of Gambians want it and put their ballots in the same ballot box of a single candidate of their choice to ensure victory.



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