Sunday, August 25, 2019

What Is Responsible For The Difference In The Figures Of The Chinese Donated Rice?


Question of the Day

According to reliable sources, the total number of bags of rice donated by the Chinese government is 45,600 distributed as follows:

Banjul 500 bags

Kanifing Municipality – 6,500 bags

West Coast Region – 12,500 bags

Lower River Region – 3,500 bags

North Bank Region – 4,000 bags

Central River Region – 11,000 bags

Upper River Region – 7, 500 bags

‘Tanka Tanka’ Psychiatric Hospital – 100 bags

However, the total tonnage donated by the Chinese, is 2,560, which is equivalent to 51,200 tonnes. On the other hand, the total number of bags distributed is 45,600. This means that a total of 5,600 bags of rice have not been accounted for. Foroyaa would get in touch with the Ministry of Agriculture, for clarification.

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