Friday, December 13, 2019

Boy Niang: ‘Appealing Depends on my Staff’


By Sulayman Bah

Boy Niang insists he is deserving of victory instead of the draw result against Lac2 Guier.

Niang believes Lac2 went on all ‘fours’, saying his representatives will take it up with the Senegalese wrestling governing body.

‘I initiated the action. My hand was on his smalls and he went crashing on the ground. Like I said, there is procedure involved and my staff will look at it and appeal if need be,’ he said in the aftermath of the contest.

Both fighters incurred five warnings leading to halting of the fight and the draw result declaration.

Boy Niang has conquered virtually all key wrestlers of Gueduwaye town with the exception of Balla Gaye whom he was hoping to make a go for after his tie with Lac2.

It’s unclear as to whether he will make a try at his ambition with Balla Gaye recently playing down the fight ever happening in recent years.

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