Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bansang Residents Raise Concerns on Poor Road Condition Alkalo explains


By MUHAMMED .S. BAH Reporting in Bansang

Some Residents of Bansang have raised concerns on the poor condition of the road within the town going towards the main hospital. Bansang Residents Raise Concerns on Poor Road ConditionThe road is estimated to be 2.5 kilometres. The road according to the residents, is affecting them in terms of easy access to the hospital due to the potholes, craters and stagnant water during the rainy season.

During an interview with residents over the weekend, they described the poor condition of the road from the hospital to the Bansang main grave yard as a great concern.

One Yahya Jallow said the poor road condition is really a problem, because sometimes it is difficult to transport sick people to the hospital, especially pregnant women who are more vulnerable due to the potholes”.

He further urged the government to help solve the road problem, as it is a great concern and plight that they are faced with for years now.

He also raised concern over the low youth involvement in the Village Development Committee (VDC) and other developmental process in Bansang.

He further stressed the need for the creation of employment opportunities in Bansang to prevent youth from going through the back way.

Similar concerns were raised by other residents and they all urged Government to help address these issues.

Alkalo of Bansang, Kebba Kora, commenting on the concerns raised said his people have been raising concerns over the road condition for so long.

“With regards to the road it is in a very bad condition, our roads are very bad especially the main highway from the hospital up to the back way road, but we do not have much control over that because it is the work that has to be done either by government or by the Local government, but I know the local government do not have the capacity to build a tarred road for our community,” he noted.

“Government has given us a promise that, when the funds are available they are definitely going to embark on making up the highway,” he said.

In addition Mr. Kora said Government in partnership with the EU has embarked on making the drainage system of the town of Bansang in the second phase.

He said the first phase has been more effective and helpful. “I have never got a project like this before, because some of the places that are made were problems to the community, because of the blockages in the drainage system which causes floods, but now that have been resolved,” he noted.

He described it as a great concern for his people. Responding to the youth concerns, the Alkalo said they have been on the side of youth participation in the developmental process of  Bansang. The Alkalo explains that there are eight sections (Kabilos) in Bansang, and each of the kabilos has one or two representatives whether female or male are all represented by youth.

He said the VDC is the focal point of any form of development of the town, noting that they are the decision making process.

“We are still worried about the state of the road and we are still appealing for government’s intervention as soon as possible,” he appealed

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