Friday, October 18, 2019

Banjul North Parliamentarian Expresses Concerns over the Presence of Crocodiles


By: Kebba AF Touray

Ousman Sillah, the Banjul North lawmaker, has expressed concerns over the presence of crocodiles at the Tanbi swamps along Tobacco Road in Banjul.

This, he told Foroyaa, needs urgent attention of the stakeholders ( Department of Wildlife), to avert any possible dangers of the wildlife reptiles.

He said after having realised and confirmed the presence of crocodiles at the mentioned settlement, he reported the matter to the Ministry of the Environment and the Wildlife Department.

He said “I suggested to them that the crocodiles be relocated to a sanctuary or be confined in any safer place, to avert any threat  to the lives of the people”.

“If it is to  serve as a tourist attraction site, they should be  confined to an area so that they don’t pose any threat to the lives of the people,” Sillah emphasized.

He said these alternatives  are essential as it will help to avert these reptiles being pushed into the city by flooding.

He said, “The residents are urged to remain calm and there is no cause for alarm, but they should be careful of the  area, as it is frequently grazed by the owners of ruminant animals such as sheep”.

“They are there in their numbers; that is an established fact and they are reproducing there. Something ought to be done to confine their movement”, said Sillah.

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