Tuesday, September 17, 2019




Signing ceremonies are taking place, companies are being granted lease of land. However the public, especially the residents near the Bakoteh Dumpsite are yet to know their fate. One of the fundamental objectives of effecting change on 2 December 2016 is to ensure transparency and people centred approaches to administration. However up to today the members of the public and the media fraternity who should inform them have not benefited from either a press conference or community sensitisation meeting to know what government is up to with regard to the Bakoteh Dumpsite and related matters.

Foroyaa strongly urges the authorities at the ministry of lands and regional government to hold a press conference or community sensitisation to inform the public what they have signed and how it will impact on the lives of the people. Once such a press conference is held, Foroyaa will put the public view it has gathered across for more clarification.


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