Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bakau Sports Committee rakes up close to 600,000 in revenue


By Yankuba Jallow

The Bakau Sports Committee has raked up close to 600,000 in revenue for the time the setup hasserved as an interim body of the zone for one-year.  

The revelation was divulged to stakeholders in a congress held on Sunday which witnessed the retention of Pa Yusupha Samba as head of the committee.

The aforesaid figure is disclosed in the committee’s financial report for the last 12 months presented to delegates.

The body, then an interim one prior to extension of its mandate last Sunday, is hailed as one of the zone’s most successful after registering a revenue of D594,435.50 (five hundred and ninety four thousand, four hundred and thirty five dalasi and fifty butut).

Total expenditures were pegged at D284, 936.00 (two hundred and eighty four thousand, nine hundred and thirty six dalasi) with a gross profit of D309, 499.50 (three hundred and nine thousand, four hundred and ninety nine dalasi).

Further spending labeled ‘operating expenses’ hits up to D112,699.60 (one hundred and twelve thousand, six hundred and ninety nine dalasi and sixty bututs) with a surplus income of D196,801.02 (one hundred and ninety six thousand, eight and one dalasi and two bututs).

Replying to the audited financial report, stakeholders hailed the committee for their work.

The committee, as part of its achievements, was able to secure sponsors for the league and the Knockout Cup.

Combined sums doled out as cash prizes for the league, Super Cup and Knockout winners including trophies, reached D110,500 (one hundred and ten thousand dalasi, five hundred).


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