Saturday, September 21, 2019

Baddibuka to release 12 track album featuring Bro K, other Gambia artists


With Mamour M Mbenga“To all the music lovers and my fans watch out for my 12-track album to feature Bro. K and many more BaddibunkaGambian artists,” an afro-manding singer Baddibunka said. He told Foroyaa Art and Music Column that he is currently busy recording the songs at Halam Studio and Shyboy Entertainment and doing the finishing touches.He added that the promotional singles “NyakuyaKensengo” and “Koma Silo” are making waves in various radio stations at home and abroad. He admitted that being quiet in 2013 because he was working independently and he is pushing everything by himself. According to him, he is not on the limelight but he was performing in shows including the Open Mic festival, Kanilai cultural festival, Sanyang cultural festival, Briks-Tone Fiesta and the Ram fest in Sedio in Senegal. “Now I am able to come up with my second album this year with new videos to be shot,” he said. He describes his first album “Jambasangsang” as a success and assured for second album will be a huge success. “I was born to do music. I do teach and preach and I don’t sing nonsense, my lyrics are conscious,” he noted. “Thanks to all those people who are behind me – still keep the faith I am still going to give you good music that will entertain and educated you.”]]>

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